Hello, my name is Brenna Eaton. I originally created this blog when I moved to Boston in August 2011 to serve with City Year. I continued it through the summer when I worked with high school students at a community center in the South End. I’m generally in and out of Colorado and I just returned from living and teaching in Vigo, Spain. Now I work in a Denver public school doing math with middle schoolers all day, and at night I also coach small children how to flip upside down without falling, sometimes. I make mostly futile attempts to chronicle my adventures here. I've lost my theme for this blog, but I'm a little lost myself. We'll see where it goes.¡Bienvenidos! (All photos are mine unless otherwise credited or reblogged).


It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.

 Jonathan Safran FoerEverything Is Illuminated (via showslow)

It’s been a while since I’ve been here to see the mountains on my birthday so I was pretty happy today.

Back on the team after so many years.

Back on the team after so many years.

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.

Marcel Proust (via showslow)

(Source: quotes-shape-us)

Student 1: Whoa, Ms. Eaton, are you wearing unicorn earrings?!
Me: Yea—
Student 2: NO. Those are unitatoes.
Student 1: What… What’s a unitato?
Student 2: A mix between a unicorn and a potato. What does it sound like?
Student 1: Oh… Okay.

For anyone who wonders why I like middle schoolers.

Step 1: I got my new hiking boots for Africa.

(pun intended).

Step 1: I got my new hiking boots for Africa.

(pun intended).


COLOURFUL SHEEP— painted and dyed sheep from the Latitude Festival and the Dalriada Festival in Northern Ireland.

oh my shit

Other math fellow: … and so that’s what Ash Wednesday is.
Student A: Oh, okay. Ashy Wednesday!!
Student B: Mmmm… we better all be wearin’ our lotion tomorrow!!

6th hour: one of the only reasons I ever make it through a day